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PASS’RAD is Radio over IP gateway that can connect up to four mobile radios (Analogue, DMR, TETRA …) through a LAN or WAN. The PASS’RAD gateway converts the audio and signalling over IP using the SIP protocol ED137B.

The used IP link can be compressed and encrypted.



Micro touch PRESCOM
The PASS’BER is a radio over IP gateway for interfacing locally or remotely one or two TETRAPOL radio terminals of BER type or AG Radio type.

The PASS’BER manages TETRAPOL Conferences or talk-groups in nominal mode or in backup of TETRAPOL wired Access Gate connections.

The PASS’BER can also be used in emergency mode in case of unavailability of a communication server, if the radio are BER type.

The used IP link can be compressed and encrypted.


The IBISCUS 3G radio over IP gateway is designed to interface over IP with a M5S or a CRITI-CALL server , a Tetrapol (BER) or a local Radio AG (s) Radio Terminal. He manages TETRAPOL Conference or Talk-group:

  • Failing to have connection through a wired Tetrapol Access Gate.
  • In emergency mode in case of failure of the link between the M5S or CRITI-CALL and TETRAPOL wired Access Gates.
  • In some fall-back modes of the TETRAPOL network.
  • The IP connection can be compressed and encrypted.
Ibiscus 3G PRESCOM

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