Quality & Ethics


PRESCOM implements an ISO/IEC 25051 quality process that sets out the quality requirements applicable to software packages. A software package comprises the description of the product, the user documentation and the software on an electronic support. In addition to quality requirements, ISO/IEC 25051 also stipulates the requirements for test documentation.

PRESCOM’s M5S solution is certified NF399 (in accordance with ISO / IEC 25051) Civil Security Software by Infocert.

Seeking the best possible quality, PRESCOM subcontracts the manufacture of its electronic boards and products to certified companies.

The final testing and integration are carried out by PRESCOM.

Ethics & sustainable development

The development of economic profitability is core to PRESCOM’s concerns. Its purpose must serve social progress. However, this cannot be done to the detriment of future generations.

Taking a path of sustainable development means being part of a realistic and genuine initiative of progress:

Ensuring the viability and profitability of the company

  • Investing in sustainable development; assessing the profitability of this investment.
  • Having a responsible pricing policy and production.
  • Providing customers with advice, transparency, assistance and after-sales service.
  • Purchasing in complete responsibility: purchase traceability, supplier guarantees.
  • Applying a continuous improvement process

Driving social progress

  • Ensuring good working conditions and a great atmosphere in the company
  • Being sympathetic and respectful in relations with customers, suppliers, employees, etc.
  • Ensuring fairness, encouraging diversity
  • Developing skills, training

Active contribution to preserving the environment

  • Energy: monitor and reduce consumption
  • Waste: reduce it at source, sort it
  • Optimise transport and logisticse

Building governance

  • Committing to a method that places value on products and proximity services
  • Organising responsibilities and decision-making processes
  • Reporting and communicating internally and externally
  • Being ahead of regulations: management and prevention of risks
  • Setting up lasting, productive and close relationships with suppliers

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