• Recorder Pro

Recorder Pro


RECORDER-PRO has many features to enhance ease of use of the solution:

  • Advanced Search
  • Generation of statistical reports
  • Sending e-mail with records and reports, export recordings in MP3, WAV or OGG / Vorbis
  • Multi-media archiving (DVD Servers NAS / SAN, USB Flash Drives, external hard Drives)
  • Web access from any modern browser from different devices and operating systems (PC, MAC, graphic Tablet, Smartphones, Windows, Linux , Mac OS, Android, Windows Mobile).
  • Full control of access rights to the application and recordings

RECORDER-PRO is the recording solution distributed by PRESCOM to archive and monitor communications. RECORDER-PRO records all types of signals

  • analogue phones
  • digital phones
  • ISDN links BRI and PRI, E1
  • VoIP, radio stations
  • Skype calls and faxes
Recorder Pro PRESCOM

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